1. Does EPA recognize NREP?

Governmental agencies may only officially recognize organizations that have been written in law or other official documents. EPA has elected to let the private sector establish its own standards of environmental practice, including certification. The federal government's Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Energy, as well as many States, Amtrak, cities, banks and private companies recognize NREP environmental credentials in bid proposals and/or for career advancement and occupational certification.

2. Do I have to take a refresher course prior to exams?

Though not mandatory, many exam candidates have found refresher workshops to be beneficial.

3. How are exams put together?

NREP's Exam Committee members represent universities, government and industry. The exams are constantly in a state of revision to reflect the latest technology and regulation.

4. Is this like a professional engineer's license?

Only governments can license people to professionally practice engineering. NREP's programs are parallel in design to professional engineer programs, but are only meant for individuals practicing environmental health and safety, environmental management, auditing and assessment activities.

5. What kind of photo do I need on my application?

Attach any photo or photocopy that clearly identifies you; i.e., driver's license, passport photo, employee ID, etc.