NREP Examination Rules

The purpose of this PRACTICE EXAMINATION is to establish an individual's degree of knowledge pertinent to conducting the specific activities prescribed by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals for this type of certification. NREP recognizes that it is more important for environmental professionals to know where to find and work with information rather than simply committing facts to memory. For this reason, the following PRACTICE EXAMINATION is an "open book" test. Candidates may use any three (3) bound books of their choosing during the exam. However, no calculators or computers may be used with stored environmental data pertaining directly toward the information covered by this examination. Your individual results will be scored and used to determine whether or not you successfully passed this exam. Please answer all of the questions on this PRACTICE EXAMINATION without receiving assistance from any other person. Please answer all questions. A blank answer will be counted as a zero. Remember, the purpose of this assessment is to obtain accurate information on your skill

This is a timed PRACTICE EXAMINATION. You will have exactly 10 minutes from the time you begin to complete the answers to this 20 question PRACTICE EXAMINATION. (1.1 minutes per question). Once PRACTICE EXAMINATION timing begins, it will not be stopped for any reason.

You must obtain a score of 75% or higher in order to pass.